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Here is where we come from and what we are all about.

The Initial Idea

The idea for these Shoutout communities began when I moved from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to work in the oil and gas industry. I found it hard to get to know the city and the people residing in it, so I decided to create an online community for people to be able to ask questions and express their opinions anonymously.

I'm happy to announce that I've been able to learn more than I would have ever hoped, and have had the opportunity to meet up with some incredible people over the years. I wouldn't have it any other way, and I hope that these communities have helped connect hundreds, eventually even thousands, of others across the world.

How We Stand Out

These communities have given people a safe place to speak their minds freely.

We've been able to give people warnings about dangers lurking in their cities, we've proudly helped bring lost animals and missing persons back to their loved ones time and time again, we've answered thousands of questions, and have expressed our opinions on countless posts across the world.

The Shoutout Network concept was initially established in April of 2014.

We have communities across the globe. See the full list of cities available in the following countries as well:
Shoutout Canada
Shoutout UK
Shoutout Australia

Our Online Presence

The Shoutout USA websites are all connected to Facebook and Twitter. Every time one of our posts go live, they are automatically auto-posted to the corresponding Facebook and Twitter pages, giving the people of these communities multiple ways to connect with our online presence.

There are a grand total of 49 Shoutout USA websites across the United States. All of which are in the top 75 highest populated cities metropolitan areas of the country.

Here's the full list of Shoutout USA communities:
• Shoutout Orlando
• Shoutout Treasure Valley
• Shoutout Salt Lake City
• Shoutout St. Louis
• Shoutout Honolulu
• Shoutout Tampa
• Shoutout New Orleans
• Shoutout Wichita
• Shoutout Cleveland
• Shoutout Minneapolis
• Shoutout Miami
• Shoutout Raleigh
• Shoutout Colorado Springs
• Shoutout Omaha
• Shoutout Virginia Beach
• Shoutout Atlanta
• Shoutout Kansas City
• Shoutout Sacramento
• Shoutout Fresno
• Shoutout Tucson
• Shoutout Albuquerque
• Shoutout Milwaukee
• Shoutout Las Vegas
• Shoutout Portland
• Shoutout Oklahoma City
• Shoutout Indianapolis
• Shoutout Nashville-Davidson
• Shoutout Boston
• Shoutout Memphis
• Shoutout Washington, DC
• Shoutout Denver
• Shoutout Seattle
• Shoutout El Paso
• Shoutout Detroit
• Shoutout Charlotte
• Shoutout Columbus
• Shoutout San Francisco
• Shoutout Jacksonville
• Shoutout Austin
• Shoutout San Jose
• Shoutout Dallas
• Shoutout San Diego
• Shoutout San Antonio
• Shoutout Phoenix
• Shoutout Philadelphia
• Shoutout Houston
• Shoutout Chicago
• Shoutout Los Angeles
• Shoutout New York



The internet is truly a thing of beauty. Without it, our knowledge would be limited. It gives us the ability to learn what we want, exactly when we want.

With these Shoutout communities, our mission is to create a place for everyone to connect with their local neighbours, by sharing and learning from one another over our everyday life experiences, and being able to do it entirely anonymously.


Here are the people that make these communities possible everyday. (Tap the images for more information.)
Jody Mitoma
Jody Mitoma
Founder & Owner
Managing Editor
Digital Marketing Manager


Here are some wonderful testimonials that we've received over the years.

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